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Strong figures and great success - a record start

Strong figures and great success - a record start
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Strong figures and great success - a record start

A perfect start!

The successful first quarter in the history of Innok Robotics is behind us and thanks to many trade fairs and numerous customer inquiries, we are continuing at the same pace in Q2. What you can expect in this news update:

Record order intake and sales growth
A record order intake of over half a million euros and significant sales growth!

Technology leadership in outdoor AMR and new product features
Focus on innovation: Our technology is constantly being improved and equipped with new, exciting product features.

Top-class leads at Logimat and Hannover Messe
We brought back great sales opportunities from our numerous trade fairs such as Logimat and Hannover Messe

First steps towards internationalization
We are expanding internationally! First steps into Switzerland, Italy, Austria, the Czech Republic and the USA are off to a successful start

Successful cooperation with partners
Strong together: Our collaborations with partners are successful and growing all the time

Reinforcement through new personnel
More manpower for our team: New staff bring a breath of fresh air and additional resources.


1. record order intake and sales growth

2024 was an exceptional year for us, in which we recorded a record order intake in the first quarter. This is outstanding as the first quarter has been a quieter period for Innok Robotics so far. Our turnover has quadrupled in comparison from 2021 to 2023. These figures reflect the continued trust of our customers and the growing demand for our innovative solutions. Innok "multiterrain" is exactly the solution that has been missing in the autonomous robot market. Multiterrain means that our robots can move indoors and outdoors, on good and bad floors, over obstacles and in all weathers, for example from hall to hall and transport goods......

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2. improved technology and new product features

Innovation and technology leadership remain at the heart of our work. We have made significant progress in further development and have also implemented some complex customer requirements at record speed and led them to success.

Our outstanding technology has also put us on the shortlist for the globally recognized IFOY Award. We are among the final three manufacturers in the Mobile Robots category together with industry giants worth billions. We have already received the IFOY test certificate, which recognizes the INDUROS for successfully passing the extensive IFOY jury tests.....

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3. exciting leads at Logimat and Hannover Messe - mega success RAINOS

Our appearances at the past trade fairs were crowned with great success! This year's highlights were our impressive stand at the world's leading logistics trade fair Logimat and our first appearance at the Hannover Messe.

We were able to generate many exciting new leads and make numerous promising contacts.

This also applies to our autonomous RAINOS casting robot. After a very successful IPM in Essen, sales here are three times as high as planned! "Smart City, water savings of up to 15%, the solution in increasingly hot summers, finally offering employees more time for grave care" are the keywords that are increasingly being used in connection with the RAINOS in connection with the fully autonomous watering of graves.....

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4. first steps towards internationalization

Our internationalization strategy is not only gaining momentum, but is also bearing fruit. We have put the first RAINOS into operation in Switzerland and are working on projects in the areas of defense and logistics. The successful implementation of the INDUROS in a logistics center demonstrates the potential of our technology in critical and demanding environments. In Italy, we received our first test order for the INDUROS, which marks the beginning of a promising market presence. In Austria, we were able to present RAINOS at the Vienna Central Cemetery.....

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5. successful cooperation with partners

Our partnerships are stronger than ever. The cooperation with the well-known and established service provider Prolog helps us to implement our projects even faster than before and to successfully set up the robots in companies. We have also made significant progress in acquiring integrators and dealers, which further strengthens our market presence. Our cooperation with Fraunhofer CML and the Port of Hamburg, in which we supplied two HEROS robots, is another highlight.....

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6. reinforcement through new personnel

Our team continues to grow. We have hired new sales staff and we are also actively recruiting new developers for autonomy and ROS software to further expand our technological capabilities and ensure that we remain at the forefront of innovation.....

We are proud of what we have achieved together and look forward to the exciting challenges that lie ahead.

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IFOY jury verdict on the INDUROS - top level of innovation with high benefits

IFOY jury verdict on the INDUROS - top level of innovation with high benefits

"Highest degree of innovation paired with high customer benefit and market relevance" as well as "The seamless transition from indoor to outdoor...

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First system partner worldwide

First system partner worldwide

First Innok Robotics system partner worldwide

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