The fully automated robot
for watering graves

Advantages at a glance

Drives and waters completely autonomously

Up to 14 hours in any terrain

Goodbye shortage of skilled labour

RAINOS pours up to 20,000 litres per day individually at night

Fast & autonomous filling

Robot fills water (215 litres) autonomously at the Innok filling stations in under 1 minute

Safe operation / proven technology

In continuous operation for 3 years, simple commissioning, high-performance safety scanner, remote maintenance

RAINOS is worth it

Rapid amortisation, low costs per month or one-off payment, development of new business areas without additional personnel requirements ("Pour-as-a-Service")


Fully electric vehicle

No local CO₂ emissions

No petrol costs

RAINOS-XL-Power battery and refuelling station battery can be charged via solar panel

Optimised irrigation

Saves water (more precise water delivery compared to manual watering)

Low water loss due to reduced transpiration (when watering at night)

Frees up staff capacity

Gentle on plants and employees

Safe operation

Watering at night, i.e. usually no public traffic

High-performance 3D scanner

Automatic STOP in the event of obstacles

Robot is insured with machinery


No disturbing noises in the cemetery.

Watering takes place at night, visitors during the day are not disturbed.

No machines, no hoses, no noise, disturbing mourning visitors - especially during funerals.


Reduces workload for gardeners in midsummer.

Regardless of the pandemic, illness or holidays, all graves are watered on schedule.

Defined amount of water per watering point

New business areas without additional costs (e.g. "watering as a service")

Irrigation of external graves,
new target customers

Seasonal / holiday irrigation possible

Irrigation of communal green spaces

SMART CITY approaches of cities & municipalities

RAINOS video gallery - Features and customer testimonials

You can find a selection of current product videos and customer testimonials here. For specific use cases and customer solutions, visit our Use Cases.


WITH Rainos

  1. Rainos waters the specified graves independently

  2. Pours up to 20,000 litres per night

  3. Rainos travels autonomously from grave to grave

  4. Water quantity and watering time can be set separately for each grave

  5. No more labour required for watering

  6. Flexible and suitable for off-road use

  7. Simple operation

  8. Highest safety standards (personal protection!)



  1. Manual watering is time-consuming and labour-intensive

  2. Permanently installed irrigation systems are not possible in cemeteries

  3. Increasing shortage of skilled labour in the green sector

  4. Growing expenditure on irrigation as climate change leads to more periods of heat


Drives and waters completely autonomously

Up to 200 graves or 20,000 litres per night
Customised watering patterns possible for each grave
Also travels over poor paths and meadows
RAINOS ends your shortage of skilled labour
Ein RAINOS Tankstation kaum sichtbar hinter Pflanzen
A RAINOS refuelling station barely visible behind plants

Some of our RAINOS customers



"We are entrusted with the care of many graves at the Schwabach cemetery. Watering the graves sufficiently by hand became an ever greater challenge - and not just in hot summers. Watering hundreds of graves with a watering can was no longer manageable in terms of manpower. It was literally draining our strength.

We are particularly impressed by how well Rainos copes with the different - sometimes very difficult - surfaces at the Schwabach cemetery."

Heino Schwarz
Managing Director of Blumen Schwarz, Schwabach

Technical data

Dimensions: 125 x 70 x 110 cm

Weight: 165 kg 

Tank capacity: 215 l (robot) 300 l (refuelling station)

Refuelling station: GEKA connection, fully automatic refuelling in under 1 minute, solar power supply

Track width: 57 cm

Ground clearance: 10 cm

Maximum speed: 3.1 km/h or 0.9 m/s 

Ambient temperature: -10 °C to +45 °C

Charging time: 2 hours (20 to 80 %)

Battery life: up to 16 hours

Battery: 2900 Wh, 48 V, up to 4.0 kW

Drive wheels: Ø 41 cm, turf profile (gentle on grass)

Motor: 800 W, gear ratio: 1:100, optional 1:50

Localisation: Lidar

Protection class: IP65

Radio networks: WLAN or LTE


Now automate watering with the RAINOS: