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Innok Robotics
Advanced AMR indoor and outdoor

We open up new areas of application for robots. To do this, we transfer future-oriented research into current, reliable technology. We offer robot solutions that can be used economically and flexibly by companies of all sizes. Our robots are at home outdoors. We offer the complete development and production of your robot from a single source.

With our Innok Heros modular system, we can set up robots for various requirements very quickly and cost-effectively. We have designed both hardware and software in a modular manner and can therefore implement tailor-made robot solutions in the shortest possible time.


Our mission

Through the use of robots, companies of all sizes are able – despite the declining number of skilled workers – to offer their established products and services efficiently and at the same time to promote the desired innovations more quickly.


Our team has over 100 years of
combined experience in
mobile robotics.

Alwin Heerklotz, Founder