Inspection robots for the automatic inspection of systems


The INSPECTOS inspection robot automatically follows predefined routes and performs certain inspection tasks. For example, it can take photos of specified motifs from the desired perspective. These photos can be sent to a control center via a secure Internet connection or retrieved from there at any time. We use the highest available IT security standards. This means that your sensitive data is safe from unauthorized access.

Highest safety standards - Shorter inspection cycles without additional costs

Changes and damage to the system (for example, an unmanned substation of an energy network operator) can be detected in this way without the need for a service technician to travel to the site. Necessary maintenance and repair measures can thus be identified with significantly greater reliability and considerably less effort. Inspection cycles are de facto shortened without additional costs in order to further minimize system risks.


Usecase bayernwerk - Monitoring of systems

- Service technicians no longer required on site

- Regular automatic routine trips

- Regular inspection even of remote systems

- Immediate deployment possible without travelling if required

- Inspection of hazardous situations

- Dangerous systems do not have to be switched off

- Changes in the guarded area (or even theft) are recognised immediately

- Automated analyses of sensor and image data possible: e.g. damage to buildings or infrastructure, fires, leaks, etc.




Innok customer K+S talks about the INSPECTOS

We use the latest technology underground!

🤖 This autonomous mobile robot works on the basis of artificial intelligence and supports us in scanning mineral deposits.🔎
It is equipped with an electric all-wheel drive chassis and a 3D laser scanner and performs various tasks underground.

📐 𝐌ine surveyor:
The robot travels through the mine and carries out a survey scan every 20 metres. Up to 500,000 individual measuring points are measured three-dimensionally every second. This creates a detailed digital image of the mine workings, which is used to plan the optimal extraction of recyclable materials.

⚠️ Security Officer:
By taking measurements at different times, the robot recognises changes underground, including potential safety risks, and thus actively contributes to underground safety for our employees.

You can find the complete K+S Group article here.

Technical data

Dimensions: 1,050 x 750 x 940 mm

Weight: 125 kg 

Maximum speed: 3.1 km/h or 0.9 m/s

Ambient temperature: -10 °C to +45 °C

Zoom: 120x total, 10x optical, 12x digital

Camera: 1080p, 360° endless, 0° to 90° tilt

Charging time: 2 hours (20 to 80 %)

Battery life: up to 16 hours

Battery: 2900 Wh, 48 V, up to 4.0 kW

Drive wheels: Ø 410 mm, steel rims, turf profile

Motor: 800 W

Protection class: IP65



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