Induros — the Transport Robot

Induros — the Transport Robot

The Automatic Guide Vehicle (AGV) For Outdoor and Indoor

Induros is a compact AGV and transports loads in outdoor and indoor environments. The transport robot drives autonomously, semi-autonomously and remote-controlled. No artifical landmarks are needed.

Due to the sophisticated sensor concept Induros can be deployed flexibly and with little effort in various locations. Users can record and specify individual routes of their transport robot using our Autonomy Software Innok Cockpit. Innok Cockpit has a very intuitive user interface and can be used very efficiently after a short training period.

The transport robot is compact and agile and thus can also drive when only very little space is available. Thanks to its robust construction Induros can be used outdoors and indoors. With the powerful 800 W drive Induros can pull upto 400 kg.

Transport Robot Induros - AGV for Outdoors and Indoors




This video shows Induros in action.

The video was produced together with our partner Rollcart - Gabriel Transportsysteme GmbH.


Automatic Trailer Coupling

Equipped with an automatic trailer coupling Induros can automatically couple and uncouple trailers.


Example of Application

Induros in Action

Custom Modifications

Do you have special requirements concerning the function or equipment of your transport robot? We will gladly customize your Induros to your needs.

In the following examples you can see Induros in different variations:

Transport Robot with Automatic Trailer Coupling

Induros with Automatic Trailer Coupling

Transport Robot with Eurobox

Induros as Transport Robot with Eurobox

Robot Barrow

Induros as Robot Barrow with Charging Bay and Automatic Tilt Function


Autonomy Software

In order to ensure that the transport robot can accomplish its tasks, the robot needs a suitable and reliable navigation. Our Autonomy Software Innok Cockpit covers all common navigation tasks and can easily be customized to the needs of your application.

Whether remote control, following persons or following paths autonomously – Innok Cockpit handles all navigation tasks of a mobile robot. With the intuitive user interface you will be able to handle the software with ease after a short training period.

More information about the Autonomy Software ...


Technical Data of the Transport Robot Induros


  • length: 1.000 mm
  • width: 781 mm
  • height: 650 mm

Ground Clearance

  • 70 mm


  • 569 mm


  • 115 kg

Towing Capacity

  • 400 kg


  • 3.1 km/h resp. 0.9 m/s


  • chassis: aluminium, stainless steel
  • mounting plate and mounting: aluminium, stainless steel, plastic
  • cover: stainless steel

Ambient operating temperature

  • –10 °C to +45 °C
  • 14°F to 113°F

Protection Class

  • IP54 (optionally IP65)

Motors / Drive

  • brushless DC motors
  • continuous power: 800 W
  • gear ratio: 1:100
  • differential drive

Drive Wheels

  • steel rims
  • diameter: 410 mm
  • turf profile

Power Supply

  • 48 V, upto 2.4 kW continous load
  • high-power battery: 960 Wh (Li­-Ion)
  • runtime: 6 h
  • charge time: 3 h


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