Our Robots
Unbeatable outdoors.
Perfect indoors.

The AMR platform from Innok Robotics offers endless possibilities - indoors and outdoors.


Our software:
The secret of our success and therefore your success

The modular Innok COCKPIT™ software is also ideally suited to your specific application: Whether fully autonomous driving, remote control or following people - it solves even difficult navigation tasks. Thanks to the intuitive user interface, the software can be used after a very short familiarisation period.

Thanks to the integrated Innok HYBRID NAVIGATION technology, different methods for vehicle localisation and control can be used within a mission. This means that you are no longer dependent on the advantages and disadvantages of a single navigation technology, but can use the optimum solution depending on your requirements.

With Innok ReMain remote maintenance, service, software updates and support for setting up and fault-free operation of our AMRs are raised to a previously unimaginable level: In no time at all, the experts from Innok Robotics will provide a time-saving, cost-efficient solution on your premises.