Autonomous mobile robots from the market leader.
Indoor, outdoor and combined.

Innok stands for intelligent AMRs with cutting edge technology. Software, development, vehicle hardware with state-of-the-art 2D/3D sensor technology. We supply your perfectly integrated and reliable mobile robot system.
Flexible, economical, proven.

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Innok Robotics - always one step ahead!

Our software and robots are easy to operate and versatile: In industry, logistics, the green sector and research & development. Robust and reliable, with rapid amortisation.

The secret of our success is software: The hardware of our robots is excellent, but would be nothing without our outstanding and unique software. Our Innok COCKPIT™ software intelligently combines all sensors for our Innok HYBRID NAVIGATION™, makes it easy and intuitive to operate and enables Innok ReMain™ remote maintenance.


The INDUROS is a universal transport robot with a wide range of applications. It transports your goods indoors, outdoors or in combination. It replaces traditional journeys with a forklift truck or tugger train, transports pallets and couples and uncouples them automatically. We also offer an option for transporting parcels and as a roller conveyor.
The INDUROS has been nominated for the globally recognised IFOY Award in the "Mobile Robots" category and the jury is impressed!

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INDUROS Rigdon-IFOY Startseite


The RAINOS is our autonomous watering robot that realises its full potential in cemeteries. The shortage of skilled labour is hitting the green sector hard. Added to this is climate change and the increasing number of watering cycles in cemeteries. The RAINOS is the solution here because it waters graves fully autonomously and individually and is absolutely simple and intuitive to operate.

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Innok Robotics first introduced the HEROS robot platform to the market 10 years ago and has been continuously developing and improving it ever since. HEROS forms the basis of all Innok products and is used by almost all leading universities and research institutes for a wide range of applications.

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Book an appointment at one of our trade fairs and we will be happy to send you a free ticket if required and look forward to showing you in person at our trade fairs how much you can benefit from our robots in your company.


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Leading companies rely on the fully autonomous HEROS platform, the INDUROS transport robot and the RAINOS irrigation robot from Innok Robotics. From market leaders to innovative SMEs and leading universities, Innok robots are in use.