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Autonomous mobile robots from the market leader. Indoor and Outdoor.

From the software to the vehicle hardware with the latest 2D/3D sensors to the perfectly integrated, reliable mobile robot system – we develop and manufacture AMRs with cutting-edge technology. Flexible, economical, proven. Innok Robotics at Automatica 23 (video)

Innok COCKPIT™ Software

The modular Innok COCKPIT™ software is also ideally suited for your specific application: Whether fully autonomous driving, remote control or people following – this also solves difficult navigation tasks. Thanks to the intuitive user interface, the software can be used after a very short training period. Continue reading >


Thanks to the integrated Innok HYBRID NAVIGATION technology, different methods for vehicle localization and control can be used within a mission. You are no longer dependent on the advantages and disadvantages of a single navigation technology, but can use the optimal solution depending on the requirement. Continue reading >

Innok ReMain™ Remote Maintenance

With Innok ReMain remote maintenance, service, software updates and support for setting up and error-free operation of our AMRs are raised to a previously unimaginable level: In no time at all, the experts from Innok Robotics remotely ensure a time-saving, cost-efficient solution at your site. Continue reading >


Innok robots are easy to operate and versatile: In industry, logistics, agriculture, and research & development. Robust and reliable, with quick amortization.


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Heinz Ferchau takes a significant stake in Innok Robotics

Der Unternehmer Heinz Ferchau hat Innok Robotics im Rahmen einer Finanzierungsrunde 4 Millionen Euro Eigenkapital bereitgestellt.

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Top international universities use our robots for research projects in the fields of advanced robotics, deep learning and AI. In contact with leading scientists and using agile development, Innok Robotics is already developing the next robot generation and the one after that. Continue reading >

Our customers

Leading companies around the world rely on the fully autonomous HEROS platform, the INDUROS transport robot and the RAINOS irrigation robot from Innok Robotics. From the market leader to innovative medium-sized companies, Innok robots are used economically. References >