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Your superior AMR solution for intralogistics and logistics - indoors and outdoors

Der INDUROS ist ein autonom agierender mobiler Transportroboter, der Komponenten und Produkte sowohl Outdoor als auch Indoor transportiert. It also masters combined indoor and outdoor use: If your automated process starts with freshly produced components from pre-production, but the mechanical processing (e.g. CNC milling) is continued in another production hall, the Innok INDUROS is the right choice – and probably the only one – for this transport task.

10 years of experience in industry and logistics

INDUROS is the specialist for fully autonomous operation. Innok Robotics as a German manufacturer has more than 10 years of experience in industry and logistics in this area. At the customer’s request, remote-controlled or semi-automated operation is also possible with this AMR. No artificial orientation aids such as transponders in the floor or similar as with older so-called driverless transport systems (DTS) are required for navigation. The market-leading sensor concept makes it possible to use the INDUROS flexibly and with little effort at different work locations.

Very short payback times

The proprietary Innok COCKPIT™ autonomy software developed by Innok Robotics and used in all mobile robots is easy to use and enables individual routes to be recorded and defined. It can be used efficiently by the user himself after a short training period. The INDUROS is a proven, reliable autonomous system. Depending on the shift model, very short amortization times are achieved (in three-shift operation and forklifts as a manual solution: 1 to 2 years max.). External markings or installations are not required for the INDUROS.

More safety on the factory premises

The fully electric drive technology (Power Li battery, up to 4 electric motors per vehicle) achieves local zero CO 2 emissions, which reduces the carbon footprint of your company. The safety of people and goods on the factory premises is significantly improved by using an INDUROS compared to a manual process (especially with the help of forklifts). The INDUROS missions can start on an event or time basis, can be planned and are very reliable, e.g. via intra-logistics stations. Watch video >
Feature pyramide Induros

Technical specifications


115 x 80 x 100 CM


165 KG

Towable load (on level terrain)

500 KG

Towed load (for inclines/slopes up to 10%)

350 KG


57 CM

Ground clearance

10 CM

Top speed

3.1 km/h or 0.9 m/s

Ambient temperature

-10 °C to +45 °C

Loading time

2 hours (20 to 80 %)

Battery life

up to 16 hours

Battery pack

2900 Wh, 48 V, up to 4.0 kW

Drive wheels

Ø 41 CM, steel rims, turf profile


800 W, gear ratio: 1:100, optionally 1:50

Steering system

differential steering

Degree of protection


Radio networks



Autonomer Transportroboter

Tight turning circle,
little need for space

Autonomer Transportroboter

Tugger train capable
Transport robot

Induros in action

The transport robot is compact, manoeuvrable and can therefore also maneuver in cramped areas. Thanks to its robust construction, INDUROS can be used both indoors and outdoors. The powerful 800 W drive allows a towing load of up to 500 kg.

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