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Unbeatable outdoors.
Perfect indoors.

The Innok Robotics AMR platform offers endless possibilities – indoors and outdoors.

AMR that transports loads outdoors and indoors. Can drive remotely, semi-automatically and autonomously. Compact and manoeuvrable, maneuvers in tight spaces.

Fully automatic irrigation robot. Watering parks, green areas, etc. independently. Reduction of personnel expenses and in case of staff shortage.

Modular structure, put together as required. Various structures possible, easy to use, e.g. in industry, agriculture, logistics, research / universities.

The inspection robot automatically follows predefined routes and takes photos of specified motifs from the desired perspective.

Hardware-software package that automates vehicles from other manufacturers. The scope of your machine park is increased in an innovative way. Fernwartung mit Innok ReMain™.

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