Inspectos - the Inspection Robot

Inspectos - the Inspection Robot

Robot for Automatic Plant Inspection

The inspection robot Inspectos follows given routes automatically and takes pictures at specified positions in the defined perspective. These photos can be accessed via a secure internet connection.

This allows changes and damage to be detected without the need for a service technician on site. Required maintenance and repair measures can be detected with significantly higher reliability and less effort.

Inspectos - Robot for Automatic Plant Inspection

Plant Inspection with Inspectos

  • no more need for service technicians on site to inspect plants
  • scheduled automatic routine inspections
  • regular inspections even of remote facilities without extra effort
  • immediate use possible if required, no journey required
  • inspection of dangerous situations
  • dangerous plants do not have to be switched off
  • theft of equipment is detected faster
  • automated evaluation of the sensor data possible: e. g. damage to buildings, fires, detection of gas leaks

Highlights of the Inspection Robot

Easy Installation

Easy Installation
When setting up, the desired routes are teached in with the robot by remote control. During the teach-in the points at which to take pictures are set. Multiple routes are possible. After the teach-in is finished the robot can follow the saved routes autonomously.

Convenient Configuration

Convenient Configuration
The robot can be configured remotely via a secure internet connection: e. g. the desired route can be selected and regular inspections can be scheduled. Also, the immediate start of an inspection can be triggered.


The data is transmitted via a secure internet connection. In doing so, we rely on the highest safety standards available. Thus, the sensitive data is safe from unauthorized access.

Best View in Any Weather

Best View in Any Weather
The mounted camera has HDTV 1080p resolution, 120x zoom and autofocus. It automatically adapts to the current lighting conditions. The camera can be panned and tilted. It is protected against dust, rain, snow and corrosion and can be used at temperatures from -10°C to 45°C resp. 14°F to 113°F. Videos can also be made with the camera, for example to inspect a fence over its entire length.

Base Station

Base Station
At rest, the robot stands in a shelter with weather protection. There is also the battery charging station. On schedule and on remote command, the robot moves out of the base station to autonomously follow its routes.

Technical Data of the Inspection Robot


  • length: 1050 mm
  • width: 750 mm
  • height: 940 mm


  • approx. 125 kg

Ambient Operating Temperature

  • -10°C bis +45°C
  • 14°F to 113°F

Protection Class

  • weatherproof IP65


  • chassis: aluminium, stainless steel
  • Montageplatte und Aufbau: aluminium, stainless steel, plastic

Motors / Drive

  • maintenance-free electric drive
  • continuous power: 800 W

Power Supply

  • 48 V, upto 2.4 kW continous load
  • high-power battery: 960 Wh (Li­-Ion)
  • runtime: 6 h
  • charge time: 3 h


  • 3,1 km/h resp. 0.9 m/s


  • resolution: HDTV 1080p
  • Zoom: 120x
    10x optical
    12x digital
  • pan: 360° endless
  • tilt: 0° - 90°


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