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Innok COCKPIT™ Software
The nonplusultra in navigation

For the most difficult requirements from remote control to fully autonomous.

In order to be able to fulfill its tasks, a mobile robot must have suitable and reliable self-localization and navigation, obstacle detection and various actuators (e.g. the fully autonomous coupling and decoupling of trailers or the handling of loads using a COBOT system integrated on the AMR).

All common navigation tasks – indoor & outdoor

Our modular Innok COCKPIT™ software covers all common navigation tasks and makes it possible to optimally tailor your robot’s navigation to your application. Whether it’s remote control, following people or automatically driving along defined routes – Innok COCKPIT takes over all the tasks required for navigating a robot. Thanks to the intuitive user interface, the software can be used efficiently by the user after a very short training period.
Innok COCKPIT™ is fundamentally based on the open system robot control software libraries ROS / ROS2. The illustration shows the integration of Innok COCKPIT™ into the software stack.

USP Innok Robotics

In order to achieve the best precision, reliability and usability Made-in-Germany, we have continuously developed and improved the proprietary code of our Innok COCKPIT™ autonomy software over the past 10 years and enriched it with powerful algorithms for numerous AMR tasks. Through the interaction of technically high-quality mechanical components (power batteries, powerful electric motors, sensors, 2D/3D scanners), we produce high-quality AMRs as one of the market leaders. Through intelligent, AI-based sensor data fusion, our AMRs also master complicated operational situations, including outdoors (outdoor or all-terrain) – fields in which we have a unique position (USP) worldwide. Mobile Innok robots locate themselves with an accuracy of 0.5 to 2 cm, depending on the needs and the navigation hardware derived from it.

Thanks to the intuitive user interface of Innok COCKPIT™, the system can be used efficiently by the user after a very short training period. Whether on a PC, tablet or smartphone: the robot can be tracked and controlled from almost any end device.

Installed onboard.

This means that exactly the most suitable technology is used.

Innok HYBRID NAVIGATION™ is installed on board and offers a wide range of state-of-the-art navigation technologies. This means that the most suitable technology for the current circumstances is always used.

In order to be able to fulfill its tasks, a mobile robot must above all have suitable and reliable self-localization and navigation. The Innok HYBRID NAVIGATION™ technology covers all common application scenarios: Whether in a production hall, a logistics hall, in the open outdoor area, in an outdoor area with vegetation, in tunnels or underground – Innok HYBRID NAVIGATION™ uses either GPS, high-precision GPS (RTK GNSS), High-performance 2D and 3D laser scanners, as well as camera/vision and radar technologies, and integrates them into a highly precise and highly reliable overall system.

Innok ReMain™ Remote Maintenance
Solves problems in no time.

With the experts from Innok Robotics you save valuable working time.

With Innok ReMain your robot is connected to the Innok Robotics Cloud at all times and our employees can respond to your requests immediately and without delays. One call is enough and we will explain the current status of the robot to you, bring the system up to date with developments or help you set it up for your changed requirements. Innok ReMain also allows you to use the analyzed data to make predictions about the maintenance requirements of your AMR (Predictive Maintenance).

As part of an attractive ongoing service contract, we will also inform you proactively and in good time to ensure error-free operation at all times.