A Custom Robot for Your Application

A Custom Robot for Your Application

Agile Robot Making by Innok Robotics

Agile Robot Making

  • rapid
  • efficient
  • cost-effective
  • more fast and easy configuration
  • less time-consuming and costly development

We Make Your Robot.

  • You have an idea for a robot?
  • You want to automize an application?
  • You want to automize an outdoor application?
Innok Robotics makes your robot according to your requirements. We use Agile Robot Making to realise customer projects fast, efficiently and cost-effectively. We developed two toolboxes to create prototypes and series products with minimal effort: With these toolboxes we can manufacture robots using existing modules instead of developing them from scratch. This saves costs and time significantly.

What Will Your Robot Look Like?

What Will Your Robot Look Like?
Use our online configurator!

Innok Heros Hardware Toolbox

Configuration Options with Innok Heros Examples of Robots built with Innok Heros Hardware Toolbox

The Hardware Toolbox consists of the modular robot platform Innok Heros and all sensors and actors needed for a mobile robot. Innok Heros is a rugged, weatherproof and strong robot platform.

Innok Heros can be configured to fit your requirements exactly. We can build robots fast due to our modular hardware concept. We configure your custom robot depending on your application.

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Innok Heros Software Toolbox

Innok Heros Software Toolbox

The Software Toolbox is a modular software concept. It includes all software modules required by automous mobile robots. The modules are assembled fast and cost-efficiently for your custom application.

The Software Toolbox enables remote control of a robot as well as several semi-automous and automous robot behaviors e. g.:

  • mapping
  • obstacle avoidance
  • autonomous navigation
  • person following
  • line following
  • line marking
  • path recording
  • path following
  • surface machining

Exemplary Project Schedule Using Agile Robot Making

Exemplary Project Schedule Using Agile Robot Making

Making your robot usually starts with a one- upto four-weeks workshop. In this workshop we determine all requirements and draw up the complete specifications.

The subsequent phases usually take from one upto three months performing the following steps:

  1. At first we define targets for this phase.
  2. Then we take the specified measures.
  3. Finally we do the required tests.

In the phase after the workshop we create a prototype providing the basic functions. Next, we extend the prototype with additional hardware and software if needed and optimise it. After that, you get a proven prototype that can go into production in small series.

If you are interested in the evolution into an optimized series product we can do this in additional phases.



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