Innok TX

Innok TX

High-Speed Off-Road Robot

High-Speed Off-Road Robot

Independent Suspenstion of Innok TX
  • Independent Suspension
High-Speed-Robot Innok TX
  • Up to 10 m/s
  • Silent Operation
Robot in the Snow
  • Weatherproof IP54
  • Customizeable
  • Extendable
Innok TX: High-Speed Robot

The Innok TX is a six wheeled robotic platform well suited for outdoor use. Equipped with independent suspension for each wheel and reaching maximum speeds up to 10 m/s it shows its strengths especially in the open terrain.

Innok Robotics configures your Innok TX according to your custom requirements. No matter if on-board PC, sensors or actors: You can simply choose from a number of additional equipment just as you like.

You may also integrate your own hardware by mounting it to the industry-standard aluminum profiles at the vehicle body. The incorporated power supply provides the voltages you need.

Afterwards you control the Innok TX by using the built-in CAN Bus which also makes a range of measured data accessible.


Technical Data

You find technical data and further information about Innok TX in the datasheet.

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