Spraying Robot

Spraying Robot

Spraying Robot
  • Useable outdoors and in greenhouses
  • Uniform application of chemicals close to the plants
  • Operater stays far away from pesticide
  • Makes work easier
  • Time and energy efficient operation
  • Just 62 cm wide vehicle
  • Modular construction

For spraying of pesticides for plant protection in

  • Greenhouses
  • Outdoor or indoor plant cultivations
  • Golf courses, sports facilities, parks

The device is an innovative improvement over existing spraying vehicles. Uniform application of pesticides with conventional spraying carts with hose line and spraying gun is hard to achieve. With the electric drive of the spraying robot, a constant movement speed is easily maintained which allows a very precise and repeatable application.

The system of rods mounted to the the spraying device can be delivered in various different lengths and can be used horizontal or vertical.
Flat and high plants can be treated with just one device. Thanks to the remote control, the operator does not have to go into the area of spraying. This drastically reduces exposure to pesticide spray.

Technical Data: Innok Heros 2WD base vehicle

Water resistant (IP65) base vehicle with industrial remote-control. Optionally it can be equipped with autonomous navigation and intelligent guidance capabilities. Robust, reliable aluminium construction with emission free and silent electric drive.

Velocity 0 – 5 km/h
Payload depends on configuration
Empty Weight ca. 80 kg
Wheels 4.80/4.00-8 with Tractor-Profile (Standard)
Operating time (typ.) 5h
Dimensions ca. 94 × 62 × 45 cm (LxWxH)
Climbing ability 43% (no payload)
Remote Control 100m (Line-of-sight range)

Technical Data: Spraying Device SPE 200/236

Tank capacity 200 l
Weight 55 / 65 kg (empty, without rods)
Battery 24V – 50 Ah
Pump (SPE 200) Max. 7 bar – 18 l/min
Pump (SPE 236) Max. 7 bar – 36 l/min
Operating time (typ.) 3-4 h
System of rods horizontal 1 – 10 m working width
vertical 1 – 3.50 m working height

Further Functions and Characteristics of the Spraying Device SPE 200/236

  • Control panel with pressure control and manometer
  • Suction filter and pressure filter
  • Width adjustment
  • Spraying rods left and right can be activated seperately
  • For collision protection the mounting bracket for the spraying rods allows horizontal and vertical folding (rods fold away when they hit obstacles)
  • Mechanical height adjustment for spraying rods
  • Rods and stainless steel tubes can be delivered with different lengths