Mobile Manipulator with Robot Arm

Mobile Manipulator with Robot Arm

Robot with Robot Arm Robot with Robot Arm

Together with a robot arm, Innok Heros can be used as a mobile manipulator and gripping robot. Various different models with different size, weight and payload can be mounted on our platform. We also integrate the complete control and power supply systems.

In the example photos on this page you can see a 4WD configuration with robot arm, 2 laser scanners, camera, 2 Intel Core-i7 PCs and 19" rack mount case for equipment. This robot is used in the MiningRoX project by TU Bergakademie Freiberg for exploring underground mine shafts and manipulating objects.

The large 19" rack mount box you see on this robot can be made smaller and a carry box for collected objects can be mounted on top. The robot could then collect objects, put them into a carry box and move out of a potentially dangerous environment for detail examination. The other way round, the robot could also be used to deploy stationary sensor devices in a dangerous area.

For applications in manufacturing environments, the mobile robot arm can be used to perform different tasks at several different work stations. It can also handle transport of objects to a warehouse and picking items from shelves.

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