One robot - many faces
Heros the multi robot

The modular robot Innok Heros is put together according to your wishes and is easily expandable.

Modular robot system

The modular robot system Innok HEROS enables fast and cost-efficient assembly. The robots can be optimally adapted to customer requirements with little effort. 3- and 4-wheel configurations with different attachments and superstructures are possible.


Logistics / intralogistics

The Innok INDUROS is an autonomous mobile robot that transports loads both indoors and outdoors. Can drive remotely, semi-automatically and autonomously.



The Innok RAINOS can be used flexibly and off-road. Example: graves are poured autonomously. RAINOS travels autonomously from grave to grave. No more manpower for irrigation necessary.

Innok Inspectos Roboter



The Innok INSPECTOS automates strenuous, time-consuming and dangerous tasks both indoors and outdoors. Example: Control of a substation from E.ON / Bayernwerk.

AMR mit Schild


Waste management

With an attached clearing blade, Innok HEROS clears snow or, for example, manure on a horse farm during winter service.


Field / Agricultural

A fully functional system was realized on the basis of the Innok HEROS, which can, for example apply sprays. It is used remotely, semi-automatically or autonomously.


Construction industry

This robot is used in sewer rehabilitation. It handles demanding tasks with a lot of weight — remotely controlled and with battery operation. For this purpose, Innok Robotics integrated the flexing system from Bodenbender GmbH on an Innok HEROS .

Autonomer Streusalzroboter


Autonomous working machine

Equipped with a spreader, the Innok HEROS spreads grit, salt or lawn seed, for example.

Forschungsroboter mit Greifarm



Innok HEROS can grab and manipulate objects with a robotic arm. Many models with different sizes, weights and payloads can be mounted on the platform. We also integrate the complete control and power supply.

That's what our customers say

We rely on Innok’s modular platform in our mines and have successfully used several HEROS robots continuously in difficult and dangerous terrain.

Max Mustermann, K+S, Kassel

Together with Innok Robotics, we have been conducting internationally renowned studies on the subject of autonomous mobile robots for several years, and further projects are being planned.

Peter Silie, RWTH Aachen University

At our Ulm location we have launched a small series with Innok Induros. This enables us to turn efficient and innovative intralogistics concepts into reality.

Bernd Example, Zwick Roell, Ulm