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Innok Heros is a very versatile indoor and outdoor robot platform. For indoor use we can change the wheels to have a smooth profile for better movement precision. Omni-wheels are also possible.

Furthermore it can be equipped with many sensors, high-performance PCs and robot-arms.

In the example photos you can see a 4WD configuration with robot arm, 2 laser scanners, cameras, 2 Intel Core-i7 PCs and 19" rack mount case for equipment. This robot is used in the MiningRoX project by TU Bergakademie Freiberg for exploring underground mine shafts and manipulating objects.

Innok Heros

  • is very robust
  • is modular
  • can be easily extended with additional sensors and actors
  • has long battery runtimes
  • has very powerful motors
  • can be equipped with different gearboxes matched to your payload / speed requirements
  • can carry heavy payloads (up to 400kg for certain applications)
  • can be used in rough terrain
  • is weather proof (customizeable, IP44 - IP66/67)
  • supports Linux and ROS for easy software development
  • can be fully customized to meet your specific requirements.

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This robot is the ideal base for your research and development projects.

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