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Modular robot system for custom robots

Hardware toolbox
One robot – many faces: The modular robot Innok HEROS can be put together according to your wishes and can be expanded and converted without any problems. 3 and 4 wheel configurations are possible with a wide range of attachments and bodies.

Software tool box
Our modular software Innok COCKPIT includes all modules that are required for autonomous mobile robots. The modules can be put together quickly, easily and cost-effectively for customer-specific applications. The software toolbox enables, among other things, the remote control of the robot as well as various semi-automatic and autonomous robot behaviors, e.g.

  • Mapping
  • Obstacle avoidance
  • Autonomous navigation
  • People follow
  • Mark lines, follow
  • Train route, follow
  • Surface processing

ROS compatible
We provide you with a suitable ROS driver for Innok Heros. This enables the robot platform to be connected to all available ROS libraries, e.g. B. Navigation using navigation_stack or localization using robot_localization. We would be happy to set up the desired ROS applications for you. The Innok HEROS is very robust, strong enough to tow a car and can carry loads of over 300 kg. The robot is easy to use due to the included user interface (GUI) and versatile in:

  • Agricultural economics
  • Industry
  • Intralogistics & Logistics
  • Professional cleaning
  • Mining
  • Surveillance / Inspection
  • Research & Development

Technical specifications


920 x 720 x 440 MM


70 to 140 KG

Max. load

70 to 400 KG

Ground clearance

95 to 195 MM

Top speed

3.1 km/h or 0.9 m/s

Loading time

3 hours

Battery life

6 hours

Battery pack

High power: 960 WH, standard: 400 WH

Drive wheels

Ø 320 – 520 MM, steel rims

Tire tread

Tractor profiles, soil protection profiles

Ambient temperature

-20 ℃ to 40 ℃


2WD: 800 W, 4WD: 1600 W

Steering system

2WD: differential steering, 4WD: tank steering

Degree of protection

Vehicle: IP65, body: up to IP66/67

Applications according to your wishes

One robot – many faces: The modular robot Innok Heros is put together according to your wishes. It can easily be expanded and rebuilt. The possibilities are unlimited.


Multifunction robot


Spray robot

Forschungsroboter mit Greifarm

Research robot


Camera robot

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